May 28th, could not come soon enough. The highly awaited Sex and the City 2 movie will be buzzing across the fashion world. What will be the “IT” shoe, what handbag will be waitlisted for the next six months and who is the new hottie? The men, the affair’s, the travels and cameo’s will sure not dissapoint. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a little cameo from Victoria Beckman!

With a wardrobe budget at a whopping 10 MILLION DOLLARS, SATC2 wardrobe stylist, Patricia Fields will keep us on the edge of our chair. Heck... Carrie Bradshaw had 41 costume changes alone. Will we be drooling over Carries Christian Louboutin’s or her Manolo Blahnik’s this movie?

My guess is Louboutin’s!

The TuTu is Back!! Who didn’t love the closet seen in the first movie?

Do you remember the Black studded Belt from last movie that Patricia Fields managed to pull together outfits that were out of this world? What do you think will be Carrie’s new favorite accessorie? 

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  1. I <3 Influence! You girls ALWAYS have the cutting edge trends, amazing customer service, while making shopping so much fun, and always coming up with new exciting product! BRAVO!